Question: How do I send a gift basket in the mail?

Pour a 1-inch layer of packing peanuts into the bottom of the cardboard box. Put the gift basket in the box on top of this layer. Cut sheets of Styrofoam in pieces that are the right size to wedge between the basket and the sides of the box to keep the basket from moving. Place wedges on all four sides of the basket.

How do you wrap a gift box for shipping?

Use plenty of bubble wrap, loose fill polystyrene peanuts, polyethylene foam, or crumpled paper, to provide internal cushioning and prevent movement from inside the box. When packaging a gift, use Apple as a source of inspiration, which is globally renowned for its clever use of packaging.

How do you pack a gift with paper?

0:182:00How to Wrap a Gift - YouTubeYouTube

What can I send my family for Easter?

17 best premade Easter baskets in 2021Simply Chocolate Celebrate Spring Gift Basket.Easter Morning Breakfast Gift Basket.Full Bloom Sweet Treats Basket.Easter Wine Duo.Happy Easter! Cookies Con Amore Assorted Gourmet Italian Cookies Bunny Basket.Hoppy Easter Dipped Strawberries. •Mar 25, 2021

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