Question: Where can I check my sugar level for free?

Does Walgreens check blood sugar?

Walgreens pharmacists conduct blood glucose tests with a quick fingerstick. Tests are available to people 18 and older at select stores during pharmacy hours daily with no appointment necessary. All customers getting a blood glucose test will receive a pharmacist consultation to help better understand results.

How can I check my sugar level at home?

You can test your blood sugar at home with a portable electronic device called a blood sugar meter using a small drop of your blood. You can also use a device called a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

How can I check my sugar level without a meter?

Freestyle Libre Its different from a CGM in that you wont get continuous readings. But, rather than prick your finger, like you would with a meter, youll use a reader to scan the sensor when you want to check your blood sugar level.

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