Question: What do you do when you have contractions?

What should I do during contractions?

11 Ways to Ease Contractions Without DrugsFind a soothing environment. Choose your team carefully. Learn about labor. Express your fears. Practice rhythmic breathing. Use imagery and visualization. Take a warm shower or bath. Keep moving. •Nov 14, 2018

What should I do once contractions start?

What to Do When Youre in Early LaborIgnore it. Impossible as it may seem, your best bet is to ignore whats going on for as long as possible and go about your day. Rest. Rest. Time some contractions, then stop. Find distractions. Eat and drink normally. Take a bath. Ask for help. Consider staying home.Mar 12, 2021

What can I do at home during contractions?

If contractions make it uncomfortable to lie down, try leaning over cushions or on a birth ball with a blanket over you. Have a bath or shower. Warm water can help relax you and ease the pain of contractions. Ask your partner to get the bath ready.

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