Question: Why does Riley on OutDaughtered have her own room?

The family addressed the issue on-camera and explained that Riley was given her own room because she woke up earlier than her sisters. When she shared a room with her siblings, she would disturb her sisters while they slept. This led to a bunch of cranky little girls throughout the day (via Distractify).

Is Danielle from OutDaughtered a triplet?

Even though Danielle Busbys twin sisters are, obviously, twins, that doesnt mean they dont have their differences. While Ashley Mowbray seems to be a little more reserved than her two sisters — she isnt as active on social media and doesnt appear on OutDaughtered as much — Crystal Mills is outgoing.

Are 2 of the Busby quints identical?

Are the Busby quints identical? Olivia and Ava are the only set of identical twins. The rest of the quintuplets are fraternal.

Do the Busbys get paid for OutDaughtered?

By reality TV producer Terence Michaels estimations, the Busbys can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, putting their total salary for a season at nearly $1 million.

What happened to the Busbys house on OutDaughtered?

What happened to the Outdaughtered house? The Busbys were forced to leave their former home in Houston due to a serious mold problem. They discovered the infestation after one of the quints, Ava, developed a respiratory illness. A mold inspector revealed just how substantial the problem was.

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