Question: Who wins senku vs Tsukasa?

Senku wins the Stone Wars with his sheer wit and determination. He and Tsukasa call a truce to the battle with specific terms and conditions wherein Senku will revive Tsukasas little sister. In return, Tsukasa and his army will stop attacking the Kingdom of Science.

Does senku beat Tsukasa?

Tsukasa was depetrified by Senku Ishigami to help him and Taiju against a pack of wild cats. Tsukasa immediately defeats them. Senku with the nitric acid formula manages to revive Yuzuriha.

What episode does senku win?

Or, at least, it was assured until the worn-out science apprentice collapses from exhaustion at the start of Episode 15. This makes Senku -- against all the odds -- the actual winner of the Grand Bout following his easy win against Ginro in the semi-final match.

Who killed senku stone?

10 HAS DIED ONCE Tsukasa turned out to be someone who despised the former world and thus conflicted with Senkus desire to restore it. Eventually realizing Senku would not back down from further advancing science, Tsukasa killed Senku with a quick blow from his stone spear.

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