Question: How long is Daifuku good for?

You should store fresh Daifuku in a cool dry place and consume within two days. Dont refrigerate Fresh Daifuku for longer than 5 days. Steps to Storing Daifuku Mochi Before Stuffing.

Does Daifuku Mochi need to be refrigerated?

The mochi is air sealed in a wrapper before being put in a box. It is dry mochi so it has a lengthy shelf life and does not require refrigeration to stay edible. Once opened eat the contents within the next couple of days.

How long can you keep fresh mochi?

about 24 hours The shelf life for homemade mochi is about 24 hours. After that time, it can start to mold and harden so much that it will no longer be edible. Fresh homemade mochi can last for up to one week if refrigerated, but you should keep in mind it will dry out.

Does mochi have to defrost?

The mochi should soften up once it reaches room temperature. Theres no need to defrost hard mochi – you can just cook it straight from frozen.

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