Question: Which Nero Wolfe book should I read first?

Fer-de-Lance was the worlds first introduction to Nero Wolfe, Stouts eccentric and overweight (as his partner, Archie Goodwin, often remarks) detective hero.

How many books are in the Nero Wolfe series?

45 Books Nero Wolfe books by Rex Stout Book Series (45 Books)

When did Rex Stout write Nero Wolfe?

1934 First introduced in 1934 by author Rex Stout, Nero Wolfe—the rotund armchair detective who loathed leaving his luxurious New York City brownstone, even to work on a case—became a hit over the course of more than 30 novels and dozens of novellas and short stories written during Stouts lifetime, not to mention countless ...

Did Archie Goodwin marry?

According to his memoir The Brownstone House of Nero Wolfe as told by Archie Goodwin (ed. Ken Darby, after the death of Rex Stout), Archie married his long-term on-off girlfriend Lily Rowan.

Did Rex Stout have children?

Barbara Stout Selleck Rebecca Stout Bradbury Rex Stout/Children

Who was Rex Stout detective?

detective Nero Wolfe Rex Stout, (born Dec. 1, 1886, Noblesville, Ind., U.S.—died Oct. 27, 1975, Danbury, Conn.), American author who wrote genteel mystery stories revolving around the elegantly eccentric and reclusive detective Nero Wolfe and his wisecracking aide, Archie Goodwin.

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