Question: Can I withdraw money from passbook?

One convenient way to withdraw cash from your Passbook account is by getting cash back when you pay with your Passbook Visa® card at most major retailers, grocery stores, and drug stores. For the latter the ATM operator may charge a fee, but Passbook will not.

Can I withdraw money using passbook?

Passbook Guidelines When making a withdrawal at the bank using the withdrawal form, the customer is required to submit the passbook to finalise the withdrawal. The passbook is not required when making withdrawals with ones debit card or cheque form.

Can I withdraw without my passbook BDO?

If the passbook is lost, mislaid or stolen, BDO should be immediately notified by the depositor in writing by executing an Affidavit of Loss. Otherwise, BDO will be relieved of the responsibility in connection therewith. The passbook must be presented in every deposit or withdrawal transaction.

What are the uses of bank passbook?

A bank passbook gives you ALL the information about the banking activity in your account. The information includes debit, credit, loan details, details about fixed deposits and recurring deposits, among other elements.

Can I withdraw all my money from BDO passbook?

The Depositor will not be permitted to withdraw from his account any amount in excess of the outstanding available balance to his credit. BDO is authorized to collect from the Depositor all applicable service charges, penalty charge and other fees the account may incur.

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