Question: How is discus throw measured?

Measurement is from the nearest edge of the landing mark of the discus to the inside edge of the circle The zero end of the tape goes out to where the discus lands. The tape needs to be pulled directly back through the centre of the circle.

What unit is discus measured in?

Discus measurments are recorded in units to the lesser inch -- nothing less. For instance, there should never be a discus result of 1104.5. Instead, this would be recorded as 1104 (i.e. to the lesser inch). Shot put distances are measured to the lesser quarter inch.

How are throwing events measured?

Point of Measure The throw should be measured from the inside of the toe board, because the top of the toe board should not be touched by the body during the throw. Pins should not be pulled as they are measured so that they can be remeasured by a smaller margin of error in the event of a tie.

What are the rules of discus throw?

Discus throwers are not allowed to touch the top of rim of the throwing circle, but can touch the inside edges of it. The athletes are also prohibited to touch the ground beyond the circle. And if the athlete crosses the circle before the disc lands on the ground then it is considered a foul throw.

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