Question: What nationality is Michelle Tafoya?

California, U.S. Michele Joan Tafoya Beaurain, known professionally as Michele Tafoya, (born December 7, 1964) is an American sportscaster.

How old is sportscaster Michelle Tafoya?

56 years (December 17, 1964) Michele Tafoya/Age

Who is Michele Tafoya married to?

Mark Vandersallm. 2000 Michele Tafoya/Spouse Personal life. Tafoya and husband Mark Vandersall have a son and a daughter. The family lives in Edina, Minnesota. In 2007, she told WCCO-TV that she had been struggling with an eating disorder since she was a child.

Who was the first female sideline reporter?

Lesley Visser Named No. 2 in the History of Sideline Reporters, First Female - Lesley Visser.

Who is Michele Tafoya husband?

Mark Vandersallm. 2000 Michele Tafoya/Husband

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