Question: What is the official merch site for BTS? BTS Official Merchandise.

In which app we can buy BTS merch?

On KdropCart you can buy BTS, BT21 and Tinytan inspired merchandise with cool premium designs. You can check Etsy and Amazon also. Check Kpopemrch and kpopshop websites for some official goods.

What is BTS merch called?

Fans often wear BT21 merch during BTS concerts Some fans create and sell their own products.

Does Weverse have official BTS merch?

Weverse Shop is an app and website where ARMY can buy official BTS merchandise, exclusive items, and content.

Is BTS Army store legit?

Please do not buy from this store, they are a complete scam. The email they have listed on their site is incorrectly spelled for one, and the tracking number given once youve made a purchase is fake as well. Theres no transparency in where your purchase is.

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