Question: Which brawler has the best super?

What brawler has the best super?

The best super is Swoop from Crow! One of the all time best showdown brawlers, this super is extremely strong since it does so much damage, and gives crow so many opportunities. He can kill anyone with a well aimed super!

What brawler is the highest damage with their super?

Spike Spike: As the Brawler with the highest damage in the game, Spike can go up to the Boss and deal heavy damage consistently. His relatively low health prioritizes ranged gameplay however.

What brawler has the best star power?

Best Star Powers For Every Brawlers In Brawl Stars (Solo)Tick (Star Power: Automa Tick Reload)Bo (Star Power: Snare A Bear)Dynamike (Star Power: Demolition)Brock (Star Power: Incendiary)Jessie (Star Power: Shocky)8-bit (Star Power: Plugged In)EMZ (Star Power: Bad Karma)Bull (Star Power: Tough Guy) •Sep 1, 2021

Who is the best brawler in gem grab?

Pam. Pam is one of the best Brawlers to use in Gem Grab. She has a wide attack radius and a longer range. This means she will hit more people with her scrap, to charge her Super and spawn Healing Turrets.

How do you get a level 10 Brawler?

To get a Brawler to level 10, players must obtain at least one of its Star Powers. To find a Star Power, the Brawler must be level 9 or above. Star Powers are found in Brawl Boxes, or they can be bought for 2000 Coins in the Shop when they appear.

Who is the best Brawler for solo showdown?

A Tier Brawlers for Solo Showdown ModeBrawlerDescriptionBROCK- Brock can deal high damage with long-range rockets - Super can hit a wide area with multiple powerful rocketsRICO- Normal shot can bounce off walls, letting you attack behind obstacles and avoid getting hit6 more rows•22 Aug 2019

Who is good for gem grab?

Build a Winning Brawl Stars TeamGem Grab. Best teams: Pam, Rico, and Spike. Poco, Jessie, and Barley. Bounty. Best teams: Darryl, Mortis, and Poco (new maps). Penny, Brock, and Piper (old maps). Brawl Ball. Best teams: Tara, Spike, and Bull. Colt, Jessie, and El Primo. Heist. Best teams: Barley, Bull, and Colt.

How do you win a gem grab?

6:1612:09Follow THESE Tips to WIN More in Gem Grab! Gem Grab Guide (Brawl ...YouTube

What is the max level for a Brawler?

Level 10 Once a Brawler reaches Level 9, their unique Star Power abilities are unlocked and can be found in Brawl Boxes or can be bought in the Shop. Brawlers with Star Powers are Level 10, which is the maximum level possible.

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