Question: What is sunflower called in Kashmiri language?

Kashmiri Name: Gule Aftab / Gule Akhtab Mirroring the movements of the sun, sunflowers bring instant gratification in the landscape.

What is Sunflower called in Kashmiri?

Sunflower Meaning in KashmiriWordMeaningGrammarSunflowerگُلہِ آفتاب کُلNoun

What is Daffodil flower called in Kashmiri language?

Daffodils signify the end of winter and the start of a fresh season, a new year, or Sounth as we say in Kashmiri. They symbolise freshness and start of a new cycle.

Which is the flower of Kashmir?

Pamposh State Flower: Pamposh Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.

What do we call Lotus in Kashmiri?

So popular was the lotus in Kashmir that children were fondly named as Pamposh ( lotus in Kashmiri ).

Is Hibiscus found in Kashmir?

Distribution of the malvaceous species recorded from Jammu and Kashmir State. mohileviensis are new rec- ords for India; and Hibiscus micranthus is a first record for the Jammu and Kashmir State.

Which leaf is mostly found in Jammu and Kashmir?

Chinar trees characteristically grow in Eastern Himalayas. There botanical name is Platanus orientalis. They have been an important part of Kashmiri tradition, in that, a Chinar tree is found in almost every village in Kashmir. These trees have survived for ages, because Chinar is basically a long-living tree.

Which leaf is found in abundance in Jammu and Kashmir?

Platanus orientalis - State tree of Jammu & Kashmira. The Kashmir Himalaya, being nestled within north-western folds of the Himalaya, harbours a rich floristic diversity of immense scientific interest and enormous economic potential.

Which tree is famous in Kashmir?

Prominent among the trees are maple, horse chestnuts, silver fir, etc. At the higher altitudes there are birch, rhododendron, Berbers and a large number of herbal plants. Undoubtedly the most important of the trees found in Kashmir is the Chinar which is grown throughout the length and breadth of the valley.

What is Umhlonyane in English name?

Scientific Name: Artemisia afra. Artemisia Afra, commonly known as African Wormwood, in English, Wilde Als in Afrikaans, Umhlonyane in Zulu, and Lengana in Sotho and Tswana, is a highly aromatic perennial herb that can grow up to 2 metres in height.

What is Chinar called in Kashmiri?

Bouin The Chinar is called Bouin in the Kashmiri language, a broken down word of Sanskrit Bhawani, the Goddess who has been worshipped in Kashmir since long. The Chinar tree is an integral part of Kashmiri culture. Almost every village and town in the valley has a Chinar tree.

Which tree is known as King of trees?

Oaks: The king of trees.

What is Umsuzwane English?

Common Names Fever Tea (english) Lemoenbossie (afrikaans) umsuzwane (zulu) inzinziniba (xhosa) musukudu (tswana)

What happens during Umhlonyane?

uMhlonyane is a traditional ceremony of the Zulu people for girls when they reach womanhood, depending on what age they reach it. This ritual is done to introduce a girl to the different stages of womanhood and to warn her to be careful and be watchful of her behaviour.

What is Chinar called in English?

Oriental plane Platanus orientalis, the Old World sycamore or Oriental plane, is a large, deciduous tree of the Platanaceae family, growing to 30 m (98 ft) or more, and known for its longevity and spreading crown....Platanus orientalis.Oriental planeFamily:PlatanaceaeGenus:PlatanusSpecies:P. orientalisBinomial name12 more rows

Which tree is the queen of trees?

sycomore fig tree The sycomore fig tree, the African queen of trees, begins life as a tiny seedling, then gracefully ages to over 100 years old. This regal tree is the centerpiece of an extraordinary ecosystem, producing several tons of fruit a year and feeding a greater variety of animals than any other kind of tree in Africa.

What is Umsuzwane tree?

Zumbane/Umsuzwane. Zumbani (Lippia javanica) is a plant with aromatic leaves and has been used in Africa for generations for its medicinal properties. It is caffeine-free and contains some amounts of vital minerals such as copper, zinc and iron. It contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds which are water-soluble.

What is Umemulo English?

Umemulo meaning Umemulo is one of the many beautiful Zulu words whose English translation is “coming of age.” While the word is synonymously Zulu, the ceremony it represents can be found in other cultures all over the world such as the Hispanic Quinceaneras.

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