Question: When was the last SCP breach?

Is there an ending to SCP Containment Breach?

Endings. The image used on the games end screen. Currently, there are 4 endings that the player can reach. Each ending plays a unique audio recording or radio transmission on the end screen between personnel discussing events that took place after the game ended.

What does SFM mean in SCP?

SCP - Final Containment Breach [SFM] - YouTube.

Why was SCP 178 removed?

SCP-178 was removed because of its relative uselessness within the scope of a playthrough. More importantly, it was removed due to it breaking achievement runs; the algorithms dictating SCPs would not spawn 178 due to SCPs 205, 914, 372, and various others needing to be spawned.

Which SCP caused the breach?

SCP-079 SCP-079 seems to be the cause of the breach after somehow obtaining its freedom. SCP-079 seemingly made contact with SCP-106 before the breach in the beginning of the game, mentioned in the Incident Report SCP-106-0204 document.

What SCP is a skull?

SCP-1123 SCP-1123 is a human skull missing the lower mandible and all its teeth. When a subject touches the surface of it they will experience a dissociative fugue state.

Can SCP-173 open doors?

According to the guide, SCP-173 is capable of opening doors by pressing the botton next to a door.

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