Question: What is the closest thing to soba noodles?

Can I use udon noodles instead of soba noodles?

While soba and udon noodles have different textures and flavors, and can be served in very different ways, they can also be used interchangeably with certain dishes.

Are yakisoba noodles the same as soba noodles?

Although it contains the word soba, yakisoba is actually stir-fried wheat flour noodles, not buckwheat. The noodles are more similar to ramen noodles, and they are usually prepared with small pieces of por and vegetables such as cabbage, onions or carrots. The dish is flavoured with yakisoba sauce, salt and pepper.

What kind of noodle goes in ramen?

Choosing the best noodles for ramen is up to personal preference, but the most common ramen noodles are soba, somen, and udon noodles. Noodles cant be called “ramen” unless they contain alkaline water, also known as “kansui.” The water ratio affects the texture of the noodle, from thin and crunchy to thick and chewy.

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