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If you like these calculators, you'll really like my Android application called RC Calculators. It has a more fully featured Pitch Speed calculator plus other calculators you will find useful while modeling. RC Calculators grew out of these calculators and will constantly be upgraded with more and more features.

Pitch Speed Calculator

Input a propeller pitch in inches and its RPM to see the theoretical maximum speed in miles per hour. It does not account for pitch measurement imprecision or unloading in the air. Nor does it account for propeller inefficiencies. But it is convenient for reality checks, or just messing around.

Propeller Pitch ( in Inches ) 
RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute ) 
Maximum Theoretical MPH ( Miles Per Hour )


Input a propeller pitch in inches and speed in miles per hour to determine the absolute minimum revolutions per minute required to achieve the speed.

Propeller Pitch ( in Inches ) 
MPH ( Miles Per Hour ) 
Minimum RPM ( Revolutions Per Minute ) required