Question: How much does the Final Fantasy remake cost?

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake price?

Normally $70, you can get the digital version of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for $50 — essentially making the Yuffie-focused episode a complimentary goodie on top of the base game.

Can I download FF7 Remake on PS5?

Locate your PS4 version of FF7 Remake in your PS5 library and select the “…” button and switch to “PS5 | Full | FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE”. Hit the “Download” button to download the PS5 version.

Is it worth replaying FF7 Remake on ps5?

Was it worth all the downloading and the complications of cross-gen PlayStation gaming? The short answer is yes, it is absolutely worth it — especially if you havent played the base game. The graphical overhaul for Intergrade takes what was a stunning game and just makes it sing in ways we havent seen before.

Should I buy ff7 remake Intergrade?

You should absolutely get Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. Its easy to be critical and nitpick, but its worth remembering were looking at the DLC for one of the best and most-loved games of the PS4.

Is ff7 remake 60fps on PS5?

PS5s performance mode knocks the resolution down, but succeeds in holding a steady 60 fps. Unlike the original game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake features real-time combat, which instantly makes the 60fps mode the best in our opinion.

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