Question: Can babies get night and day mixed up?

If your newborn sleeps like a vampire all day and is up all night long, or if shes exhibiting other common infant sleep patterns like frequent night wakings, restless sleeping or early waking, its all completely normal.

At what age do babies get their days and nights mixed up?

It may be a while until your little one sleeps through the night, but according to Newhook, most babies have their days and nights sorted out by about three months, and are sleeping for longer stretches at night. In the meantime, dont hesitate to nap during the day, so you can manage the night shift.

Can babies confuse day and night?

Day/night confusion is actually fairly common among newborns, who arent that great at the whole sleep thing in general. The “why” of day/night confusion isnt too hard to understand, if you think about it.

What to do if newborn has days and nights mixed up?

If your newborn has days and nights mixed up: During the day, keep the lights on and go on with your normal daytime activities — dont keep things dark and quiet where baby is sleeping. Play with and talk to baby during waking times. Wake baby to nurse every 2-3 hours.

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