Question: Is a blessing in disguise a sentence?

The phrase A Blessing in Disguise refers to something that at first appears to be bad or unlucky but is actually good. Example of Use: “My car broke down again, but maybe it was a blessing in disguise; Ive been wasting too much time driving around anyway.”

What does it mean when someone says blessing in disguise?

A blessing in disguise is an English language idiom referring to the idea that something that appears to be a misfortune can have unexpected benefits.

How do you use blessing in a sentence?

the act of praying for divine protection. Health and understanding are the two great blessing of life. People do not know the blessing of health till they lose it. Rivers are a blessing for an agricultural country. The bishop said the blessing. Father gave his blessing to our holidays plans. •Feb 14, 2017

What is a blessing expression?

Express gratitude for a minor favor or advantage, as in My bag didnt get on the plane but it did arrive in time-give thanks for small blessings. This expression is usually uttered when one encounters an unexpected bit of good fortune. See also: blessing, for, give, small, thanks.

How do you use the phrase blessing in disguise?

The drought was an evil or a blessing in disguise like so many of our problems. I fully endorse all that has been said today about the noise from aircraft, but it may have proved to be a blessing in disguise. This crisis may well be a blessing in disguise.

What is the opposite of disguise?

Opposite of to hide or conceal something (literally or figuratively) expose. reveal. unmask. bare.

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