Question: What is the largest prefecture in Japan by area?

What is the largest prefecture in Japan by size?

Tokyo Prefecture With approximately 13.9 million inhabitants, Tokyo Prefecture was the largest prefecture based on population size in Japan as of 2019. The smallest prefecture in this regard was Tottori Prefecture, which in the same year counted about 560 thousand inhabitants.

How big are Japan prefectures?

Prefectures of JapanPrefecture 都道府県 TodōfukenPopulations560,517 (Tottori) – 13,843,403 (Tōkyō)Areas1,861.7 km2 (718.8 sq mi) (Kagawa) – 83,453.6 km2 (32,221.6 sq mi) (Hokkaido)GovernmentPrefecture Government, Central GovernmentSubdivisionscontiguous: municipalities partial: Subprefectures historical: districts4 more rows

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