Question: How did Ronaldo meet Georgina Rodríguez?

In a candid interview with ITV in 2019, Ronaldo, now 36, described finding true love with Georgina after the pair met for the first time at a Gucci store, where she was a sales assistant. The Juventus star told Piers Morgan: She helped me so much. Of course, Im in love with her.

How did Ronaldo meet Georgina?

Georgina met Christiano at a Gucci store. According to the British tabloid, she claims it was love at first sight. Their first meeting was at the designer store where she worked as a sales assistant and the two have been inseparable since.

When did Georgina meet Ronaldo?

Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for five years. The two started dating back in June 2016. Ronaldo and Georgina first met at a Gucci store. According to reports, the first meeting was at store where Georgina worked as a sales assistant.

Who is the mother of Ronaldos twins?

In June 2017, he had twins via a surrogate — Eva and Mateo Ronaldo.

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