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Free charter memberships are currently available until further notice. You must be a member of the AMA, MAAC, or the governing national model aircraft organization of your country, if you fly R/C aircraft.

Please complete the form below and press the Submit button. All fields in Contact Information marked by a * are required.

Why do we need your address and other info?

If we need to mail you something, it will be on file. It is hidden except to members, so the web crawlers won't get it. In the near future, a Member Profile Editor will be online that will allow you to hide your address and other selected info. Even though our primary modus operandi is electronic communications, certain things like mailings of membership materials requires an address. We aren't going to allow anonymous posting to our forums. Many of the attacks that are made in forums are by people hiding behind false identities. We will ferret those out and delete them.
If you aren't comfortable with certain info being in the database and accessible by members, put "Withheld" in the field or 1/1/1 for a date or something like that, if it will not accept "Withheld". At some point in the future when your address can be hidden by choice, your actual information will have to be provided.
We are not just forums. We are an organization. Most organizations require your mailing address. If a person knows your name and the state or better yet the city you live in, they can get your address from many sources on the internet. Even with just your full name, they have a decent shot at getting your address.
So come on in and withhold your info if desired. It will be have to be revised and confirmed at some point in the future, however.

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Your Login Name must be the name that you go by. No single word nicknames will be allowed. Your Login Name should be of the form "Tony Pacini" for "Anthony Pacini", for example. The Password must be at least 6 characters long.

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