Q-500 Racing
Discuss AMA 428, AMA 426, AMA 424, Quickie 25, and any other variants of Quickie 500 racing.
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Quickie CupQuickie Cup
Discussion, Schedules, etc, for the Quickie Cup
6131/28/2009 8:34:51 PM
Gene HodgesLatest Message
Quickie 500 DiscussionQuickie 500 Discussion
Discuss anything that doesn't fit into any of the other Q-500 forums.
3718812/16/2012 5:00:19 PM
Barry ReadeLatest Message
Q-500 Racing CommitteeQ-500 Racing Committee
Make suggestions and communicate with the Q-500 Racing Committee here.
Getting StartedGetting Started
Quickies are nice docile flyers. Check out this forum for help in getting started.
2124/18/2005 3:51:32 PM
Ed SmithLatest Message
Quickie AirframesQuickie Airframes
The original concept for Quickie was that the planes would be simple box fuselages with built up or foam cored wings. Technology now brings us all molded composite airframes, but "woodies" are still popular.
221634/6/2015 10:39:16 PM
Arief DharmawanLatest Message
AMA 428AMA 428
Nelson and JETT powered 160+ mph Quickie Racing.
21312/17/2009 5:42:48 PM
Sam SanLatest Message
AMA 426AMA 426
Any legal Quickie 500 plane powered by a JETT engine specified for AMA 426.
111/31/2012 7:23:46 AM
Don StegallLatest Message
AMA 424AMA 424
Q-500 Sport: 110-120 mph and the official AMA entry level Quickie event.
9392/2/2012 1:09:03 PM
Barry ReadeLatest Message
Quickie 25Quickie 25
424 is too fast for a lot of entry level racers or flying fields. This variant typically refers to .25 powered Q-500 airframes.
686/13/2009 12:34:19 PM
Gene HodgesLatest Message