Question: Is magical warfare a harem?

Both protagonists got powers randomly and a female sidekick from nowhere. Both protagonists share a harem and are very similar in personality. There are similar characters, but different plots.

Is magical warfare a good anime?

Mahou Sensou is not just an underwhelming show but is exactly what youll expect. Its predictable plot is almost laughable with rushed scenarios, weak characterization, and conglomeration of cliches. Its shameful that a show with the concept of magic can turn into this cluster of weak thoughtlessness.

Is Mahou Sensou magical warfare?

Mahou Sensou, also known as Magical Warfare, is a Japanese light novel series that was adapted into a manga series in 2013. An anime adaptation premiered in January 2014.

Does magical warfare have romance?

Both animes uses magic. Even though Mahou Sensou(Magical Warfare) does not have the Romance genre, it does have some love between them. Both has action genre.

Who is the MC in Magical Warfare?

Takeshi Nanase - Takeshi Nanase - Main Protagonist | Magical warfare, Anime, Anime reviews.

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