Question: How do I cancel Agoda hosting?

What Is Agodas Cancellation Policy? On, hosts choose their cancellation policy from a few options. To find a bookings cancellation policy, go to the My Bookings page. Select the booking youre interested in, then scroll down to its “Booking conditions” section, until you see the “cancel by” date.

Can I cancel my booking in Agoda?

STEP 1: Go to the Agoda website. STEP 2: Sign in using the account you used. STEP 3: Go to “Manage Booking.” STEP 4: Select the booking you want to cancel and cancel it.

How do I delete a listing on Agoda?

Disconnecting a Listing from AgodaSign in to your Guesty account.In the top menu, hover over Integrations.From the drop-down, click Distribution.Click the Agoda thumbnail.In the Status column, click Connected next to the relevant listing.From the drop-down, select Disconnect.In the pop-up, click Disconnect.

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