Question: Which is the oldest school in Uganda?

What are the oldest schools in Uganda?

Oldest Universities in Ugandasort by: rank a-z town oldest filter by: public private non-profit for-profit#UniversityTown1Makerere UniversityKampala16Bugema UniversityKampala ...10Islamic University in UgandaMbale ...45 more rows

What was the first school to be built in Uganda?

Mengo Mengo stands tall as Ugandas oldest school that grew from humble beginnings of a mere elementary school that educated boys at a junior level to a secondary school. This year Mengo SS marks 117 years, having been founded in 1895.

What is the most populated school in Uganda?

Masaka Secondary School Masaka Secondary School is a public middle and high school, administered by the Uganda Ministry of Education & Sports. With a student population in excess of 4000 in 2016, the school is one of the largest secondary schools in the country and east Africa.

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