Question: What muscle do dragonflies work?

If you want to strengthen and define your abs for a washboard appearance, the dragonfly must go on your body-weight exercise list. Sometimes referred to as the dragon flag, this exercise primarily targets your core muscles and also engages your upper back, triceps and forearm muscles.

What do dragonflies workout?

This exercise was a favourite of the legendary Bruce Lee who was in incredible shape. The dragonfly abs exercise involves laying on a flat surface or a decline bench and finding something to grip onto with both hands.

Is Dragon a calisthenics flag?

The Dragon Flag is great core strength exercise, which is part of the foundation for more advanced Calisthenics Movements like Human Flags and Levers. Its really important in Calisthenics training that we understand how to adapt any exercise to meet our own strength and movement needs.

How do you start the dragon flag?

0:134:35Master the DRAGON FLAG | Learn in 5 Minutes - YouTubeYouTube

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