Question: Where is the Friend constellation in Sky Children of Light?

Favorite Friends are located in the Crown constellation and you receive an in-game notification when they come online.

How do I find the constellation friend in the sky?

Your friends appear as stars grouped into special friend Constellations in Home.Access these groups by tapping on the constellation table in Home, then scrolling or tapping to the left or right.The crown constellation is the place for your favorite friends.

Why cant I see my friends in sky Children of Light?

If you and your friend have just added each other, you may have to restart Sky. If you dont, you may not show up to each other. It may be a bug that gets patched out soon, or it may have been a one-off occurrence, but still, best to quickly restart the game and get it out the way.

How do you unlock Sky in children of light?

Open the friend constellation menu from within the Home space. In the upper-right corner, tap the block-player icon. Doing so will display all of the players you currently have blocked. Tapping on any of these players will open a confirmation asking you if you would like to unblock the player.

How do you know if someone blocked you on Sky Children of Light?

The blocked person will see you as a colorless silhouette – exactly like any other unfamiliar player. They cannot see your appearance even if you both try to light each other with candles, and nicknames will be hidden even upon a Deep Call. If you tap on a blocked friend, the Friendship Menu will be blank.

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