Question: What is the Steins Gate world line?

The Steins Gate worldline carries a divergence number of 1.048596. As it is under the influence of both the Alpha and Beta Attractor Fields, it does not reach the final convergent result found in either field. This worldline is where the true ending of the main plot occurs, and it is dubbed as Steins Gate by Okabe.

How do world lines work in Steins Gate?

The basic concept of time travel in Steins;Gate revolves around the idea of “world lines.” While there is only one reality existing at any time, each world line is a path history could take if the right events were to happen.

What is the alpha world line?

The Alpha Worldlines are linked to the Alpha Attractor Field, and are apocalyptic timelines shown in Steins;Gate. The Alpha Attractor field is referred to as 0%-0.999999% by the Divergence Meter.

What is World line convergence?

World Line Convergence refers to a phenomenon that causes multiple world lines within the same Attractor Field to converge to the same result.

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