Question: Why is my WhatsApp not sending verification code?

If you are having issues verifying, please try the following: Reboot your phone (To reboot your phone, turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, and turn it back on). Send a test SMS message from any phone to your own phone number exactly as you entered it in WhatsApp, including the country code, to check your reception.

How do I get my WhatsApp verification code?

0:001:51How to verify your phone number on WhatsApp - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipOk if the phone number is incorrect tap Edit and reenter your phone number enter the verificationMoreOk if the phone number is incorrect tap Edit and reenter your phone number enter the verification code you received via SMS. Or tap call me to receive an automated phone call with the code instead.

Can I get my WhatsApp verification code by email?

You must be able to verify your phone number via SMS or voice call. We cannot send the code via email. Otherwise, you should consider using a local phone number that you are able to receive a call or SMS with.

Why is my SMS verification not working?

Make sure you have Push Notifications enabled for the app, otherwise on both iOS and Android that can prevent the SMS from coming through. Make sure your mobile device does not block SMS from unknown contacts, this might block the SMS sent from the short number. Close and re-open the app.

How do you unblock a 6 digit number?

Steps for Android UsersOn the Home Screen, select the Phone icon.Tap Menu (this is the 3 vertical dots on the upper right hand of your screen)Select Settings.Select Block Numbers. Select the number that you wish to unblock by tapping the minus (-) sign beside it.

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