Question: What is the scientific way to stop hiccups?

Is there a scientifically proven way to get rid of hiccups?

The few folk remedies that seem to be based on a reasonable scientific concept involve holding your breath or breathing into a paper bag. At least for patients with intractable hiccups, increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide they breathe has been shown to decrease how often they hiccup.

What is the science behind hiccups?

Sometimes our brain signals our diaphragm to move downward more forcefully than normal. This sharp, involuntary muscle contraction causes air to get sucked into the back of your throat. The area of your throat near your vocal cords then snaps closed, thanks to this change in pressure, creating a “hic” sound.

Is hiccuping everyday bad?

Hiccups lasting longer than 48 hours are classed as chronic and considered a serious medical condition. In addition to being incredibly irritating, chronic hiccups often disrupt sleep and can make it difficult to eat or drink.

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