Question: Do hydrangeas flower all year?

In general, different types of hydrangeas flower at different times of the year. Hydrangea paniculata, better known as panicle hydrangea, typically offers a flowering season from late spring to early summer, but plants retain the blossoms until they shatter, which can occur as late as winter.

Do hydrangeas bloom all year?

The hydrangea blooming season depends upon the type and cultivar as well as your planting zone. Most new growth hydrangeas put on buds in early summer to bloom in the following spring, summer and early fall seasons. In hot climates, hydrangeas may stop blooming in the heat of summer, but will rebloom in the fall.

Why do hydrangeas bloom some years and not others?

The primary reasons hydrangeas dont bloom are incorrect pruning, bud damage due to winter and/or early spring weather, location and too much fertilizer. Hydrangea varieties can be of the type that blooms on old wood, new wood or both. Nikkos produce blooms in the fall for next year.

How can I get my hydrangeas to bloom next year?

How to Get Hydrangeas to Bloom1 Prune at the right time of year.2 Give hydrangeas enough sun.3 Prolong blooms with sun protection later in the season.4 Protect hydrangeas over winter.5 Protect against spring frosts.6 Avoid over-fertilizing.7 Water frequently.8 Preserve moisture with mulch in dry conditions.

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