Question: Does Cassian get jealous?

Is Mor jealous of Nesta and Cassian?

Mor does not hate Nesta, but despises her for her attitude towards Cassian. She does not want him to suffer. However, at the end of the third book, when Nesta defended Cassian and was ready to die with him - the Mors attitude towards Nesta has changed, she has become softer.

Why did tamlin and Feyre split?

It is revealed that Tamlin had grown controlling and obsessive, seeing Feyre suffering Under The Mountain led him to believe that she needed protecting. He forbade her to leave the grounds and refused to take notice that Feyre had essentially lost her will to live and was painfully thin.

Does tamlin really love Feyre?

Tamlin falls in love with Feyre Although initially, the relationship with Tamlin is hard, eventually he gains Feyres trust and interest. He continuously left the manor to take care of problems within his land, sometimes taking her for strolls.

Who is the strongest Fae in Acotar?

Its stated that Rhysand is the most powerful fae,but again, Feyre has a fraction of the power of all High Lords.So, if these two tight against each other, who is more likely to win?

Why was Rhysand shocked at the end of Acotar?

In the midst of bidding Feyre farewell, Rhysand senses something on her and appears abruptly shocked and then vanishes. It is revealed in the second book that he could sense that they were mates and it had become more clear now that she was high fae.

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