Question: Can I eat the day before an endoscopy?

What Can You Eat the Day Before an Endoscopy? The day before your endoscopy, you should be able to eat whatever you want. However, you should have nothing to eat or drink for 6-8 hours before the procedures scheduled start time, depending on your doctors instructions.

What happens if you eat before an endoscopy?

Complications are rare, but can include the following: Aspiration occurs when food or liquid gets into the lungs. This can happen if you eat or drink before the procedure. Make sure to follow your doctors instructions about fasting to prevent this complication.

How many hours before an endoscopy should you stop eating?

In some cases your doctor may ask that you: Fast before the endoscopy. You will need to stop drinking and eating four to eight hours before your endoscopy to ensure your stomach is empty for the procedure. Stop taking certain medications.

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