Question: Who does tsubame end up with?

Does tsubame like Ishigami?

Yu Ishigami is Tsubames junior who has a crush on her, but she is unaware of this fact. Her relationship with Ishigami led her to ask herself what it really meant to like someone compared to love someone, indicating that her relationship with him is more profound and important to her than she thought.

Does Onodera like Ishigami?

Onodera is also shown to be supportive of her crush on Ishigami.

Does Miko Iino like Ishigami?

Ishigami being a regular rule-breaker, and Miko being a member of the Discipline Committee, led to their current relationship being like that of cats and dogs. And despite being uptight, Miko also shows signs of watching out for Ishigami.

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