Question: What is the difference between a local drive and a network drive?

The network drive is accessed similar to a local disk drive, but the data is transferred from a remote computer to your computer over a network connection.

What is a local network drive?

A network drive is a storage device on a local access network (LAN) within a business or home. A network drive on a home LAN makes it easier to share files and store files without using up computer resources. If the drive has enough capacity, it can also be used to back up all the computers on the network.

Can OneDrive sync a network drive?

Simply put, we cant add a network drive as your OneDrive sync location. It is feature limitation. For more information about OneDrive restrictions and limitation when you sync files and folders, please check this article.

How do I Copy a full file path without a drive letter?

Copy UNC network path (not drive letter) for paths on mapped drives from Windows ExplorerIn Windows Explorer, hold the shift button down, r-click on the file, and select Copy as path.Insert a Hyperlink in the email and paste in the address field of the Hyperlink dialogue box.

Why do we need so many drives in a network?

Network drives require a network. If your network goes down, all files on the network drive are inaccessible. Being a central location with multiple users increases the possibility of accidental deletion, modification, hacking, or infection.

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