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RCPRO Warbird Race Management

Countdown Timer

CountdownStart_45_Seconds.mp3 - Use this to make a CD to play in a boom-box for flying starts. Or just load it on an MP3 player that can be hooked up to a PA system or other sound maker.


Paul Herman has developed a great program for running RCPRO Warbird Races.

Current Version

RCPRO_RacePackage105.exe - Version 1.05


Click on the ReadMe.txt file for installation instructions.


Older Versions

RCPRO_RacePackage104.exe - Version 1.04




RCPRO_RacePackage102.exe - Version 1.02




RCPRO_RacePackage100.exe - Version 1.00

RCPRO Race Users Manual100.pdf



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