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RCPRO Warbird 80 Racing

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See the rules at Warbird 80 Rules

This racing class is a work in progress. Keeping the engines at a max of 41cc would prevent the need to reinforce mmany ARF planes. But enngines in that size with this size of plane will keep the speeds down in the under 130 mph range. We are considering adding a 61cc engine tier for bigger and faster planes. The course would need to be bigger for the faster planes. We could use break-out times like RCPRO Warbird Racing to limit speeds. We want to keep the cost of participation as low as possible.

We are considering going to 61cc engines. We may have two tiers. One for engines up to 41cc and one for engines up to 61cc. Or we may just go with the 61cc max and use breakout times like RCPRO Warbird and other Warbird racing.

Please discuss on Facebook at RC Warbird Racing.

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