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2017 Club 40 NATS

This page and the 2017 Club 40 NATS pages are being revised

The 2017 Club 40 NATS will be held in Muncie, Indiana on Sunday 7/16/2017 with practice on Saturday 7/17/2017.

This site will have as much of the information as we can provide that you need to prepare to attend and compete in the race.

The course used for the 2017 Club 40 NATS will be the course defined in AMA 540-B Document - Set-Back Distances For Sport Pylon Racing.

The racing classes for the 2017 Club 40 NATS will be the Club 40 Bronze, Silver, and Gold classes as defined in the rules at Club 40 Rules 2017.

There have been changes on use of the Evolution 46 NX in the Club 40 Silver class. The Evolution 46 NX AMA 424 engine is allowed, but only using APC 9x6 Sport props.

2017 AMA Pylon NATS Schedule

Pylon Schedule


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