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RealFlight 7/8 EF1 Add-On Software

This software is for RealFlight 7 through 8. Preferrably RealFlight 7.5 or 8. I believe if you have 7.0 you can upgrade to 7.5 for free. This will not work in RealFlight 6.5, but if you have RealFlight 6 or 6.5 see the RealFlight 6 page.

EF1 Courses

NMPRA EF1 3 Pole 375’ Course with Sun at Twelve O’Clock High


NMPRA EF1 3 Pole 375’ Course with Sun at a lower angle


AMA-540B 2 Pole 400’ Course


EF1 Planes

Great_Planes_Proud_Bird - variations on the stock plane




Little Toni - based on a Stegall Minnow I have been designing


AR-6_Endeavor - based on an AR-6 I have been designing



Save all of these files to a folder on your computer. In some browsers, you will need to right click and "Save Link As..." and you may have to rename the file extension to RFX.

Open RealFlight, and click on Simulation, Import, RealFlight Archive. Pick the files you downloaded.

Select the airport using the Environment, Select Airport, Custom Airports, Photofields menu.

Select the airplane using the Aircraft, Select Aircraft, Custom Aircraft menu.

For the most realistic experience, go to View, and select Zoom Type, Manual. Zoom Out one notch depending on the size of your monitor and your perception.

For help email Don.F.Stegall@gmail.com or call 704-968-2881 from 8 am to 8pm Eastern time. I'm usually in meetings from 9 am to 11 am, sometimes until 12 pm. If you don't get me leave a message and number.

RealFlight Add-On Packs

RealFlight Airplane MegaPack

RealFlight Add-On Volume 1

RealFlight Add-On Volume 2

RealFlight Add-On Volume 3

RealFlight Add-On Volume 4

RealFlight Add-On Volume 5

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