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Portable Pylon - Usage



Put legs on leg rods with hook facing mast when the leg is extended. All hooks should face clockwise or counter-clockwise. Put a nut and jam nut on each leg. The inner nut should be just against the leg, but should not restrict movement.


Set Up

Carry into place.

Slide the masthead into the mast. Do not use the masthead if doing the set up alone. It adds too much weight and makes the structure handling too awkward.

With legs together, and one person holding them down to ground, the other person pushes the structure into an upright position.

Walk the legs out in small increments. Walk two adjacent legs in one lifting and spreading motion. Straighten the mast by spreading two legs on the side that the top of the mast needs to move toward. The feet should be 4 to 8 feet apart.

Hook a chain onto a leg and onto the corresponding hook on the mast. The chains can make minor corrections to the mast position, but should not be used for major corrections. Reposition the legs as needed.

If winds of more than 5-10 mph are expected, and the masthead is used, use stakes to hold feet in place.


Tear Down

Walk the legs in, being careful to keep mast upright.

One person should hold the legs down and together, while one or two other people, reaching as high as they can, bring the structure down slowly and under control.



Take the legs off, and place leg retaining nuts back onto leg rods.

If needed, take the leg rods off of the mast.

Secure all components, especially in short bed trucks or trailers.


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