Question: Why do cheaters get happy?

The first reasoning behind this happiness is that cheating can, at times, increase sexual desire. Lots of women find joy in cheating because they genuinely believe its saving their marriage. “If women believe they have to have an affair to stay married, it increases the happiness,” Walker explains to Marie Claire.

How do cheaters feel about themselves?

How do cheaters feel about themselves? Usually, they try to shift the blame to the other partner saying they are the reason why they cheated or some want to get back to the relationship and build trust again.

Why do cheaters always win?

People cheat in the first place only because they believe it will afford a more efficient and certain path to success than they would obtain by playing fair, and theyre often right. And when cheaters gain more power, the reasons described above for why cheaters win become of greater concern.

Can you stay with someone who cheated on you?

So its 100% understandable to dump someone who cheats. In some situations, it might be the best thing to do. But in many situations, its also perfectly reasonable to stay. It doesnt mean youre defective or weak.

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